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Rancho Palos Verdes Trails Plan Review

15 additional trails to bicycles

After a long and drawn-out process, the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council on Tuesday voted to approve most of staff recommendations to open additional trails in the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve to bicycles.

The council still has concerns about user conflict and obeying trail designations. CORBA PV has offered to form an informational bike patrol, start a loaner bell program, participate in a trails committee, help design better signage. CORBA PV already has an active trail repair crew. If you wish to volunteer for any of these activities, please contact us at

Filiorum Reserve  (unofficial map): 6 trails 3.1 miles designated multi-use

  • Zotes Cutacross Trail: Multi-use

  • Jacks Hat Trail: Multi-use

  • Kelvin Canyon Trail: Multi-use

  • Rattlesnake Trail: Multi-use

  • Pony Trail: Multi-use

  • Connector to Three Sisters Reserve: Multi-use

Abalone Cove Reserve

  • Via de Campo Trail: Changed from pedestrian only to pedestrian/bicycle.

  • Chapel View Trail: Changed from pedestrian/equestrian to multi-use.

  • Beach School Trail: Changed from pedestrian to pedestrian/bicycle.

  • Harden Trail: Trail closed completely due to erosion.

  • Portuguese Point Loop Trail: Changed from pedestrian only to pedestrian/bicycle.

Three Sisters Reserve

  • Trail plan changed to include multi-use connector trail between the Three Sisters and Filiorum Reserve.

Portuguese Bend Reserve

  • Burma Road Overlook: New multi-use trail added.

  • Ishibashi Farm Trail: Changed from pedestrian/equestrian to multi-use. Eastern branch will remain pedestrian/equestrian only.

Ocean Trails Reserve

  • Catalina Trail: Changed from pedestrian/bicycle  to pedestrian only.