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Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve:

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy
"Proposed Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve-- Much of this land is under a development moratorium because of past and current landslides in the area. The PVPLC would like to see it permanently preserved as open space (by purchase or donation) because of its significant ecological importance. The landowners, Palos Verdes Land Holdings Co. (PVLHC) and York Capital Group (YCG) maintain that if portions of the area can be demonstrated to be geologically stable, they should be developable. Applications for a moratorium exclusion are currently under review by the City of Rancho Palos Verdes for the PVLHC properties.

21. Badlands parcel (130 acres) - Owned by PVLHC, this is the area of the active Portuguese Bend landslide. It has been suggested as the site for a possible golf course.

22. Lemonade Berry parcel (100 acres) - Owned by PVLHC, it borders the Flying Triangle landslide in Rolling Hills. It is zoned one unit per acre and contains one of the largest areas of coastal sage scrub on the Peninsula.

23. Crenshaw parcel (147 acres) - Owned by PVLHC, this parcel includes the right-of-way for Crenshaw Boulevard, which the County planned to extend to PV Drive South. PVLHC has requested a moratorium exclusion to develop single family homes on this property. It is mostly zoned one unit per acre, with a natural overlay.

24. Jack's Hat parcel (297 acres) - Parcels 24 and 25 are called the Filiorum property. Both are owned by YCG. The Jack's Hat parcel is zoned one to two units per acre but is in the moratorium area. YCG is now conducting geologic tests.

25. Pony Club parcel (approximately 20 acres) - Owned by YCG is not in the moratorium and is zoned two units per acre. Geological testing has been completed and is now being reviewed. A proposal for residential development is expected.

26. Three Sisters parcel (97 acres) - Preserved in 2001 by the City of Rancho Palos Verdes using LA County Measure A funds. The Conservancy was instrumental in including funds for the acquisition in Measure A, approved by voters in 1994. This property forms the eastern boundary of the proposed Portuguese Band Nature Preserve."

Map of proposed Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve
Brief description of the Portuguese Bend Preserve with a photo