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Portuguese BendForrestal Three SistersOcean Trails Filiorum

San RamonAlta VicenteAgua AmargaAbalone Cove Vicente Bluffs Vista Del Norte

Please review CORBA PV Trail Etiquette before riding Remember Trails are typically closed 48-72 hours after a rain
For trail closure  information or 310-544-5260

You have the right to ride here and a responsibility to respect all rules. As members of the trail community  we need to express our views.  If you have a compliment, suggestion, or complaint send an email to and/or the city council We suggest you be respectful and concise.

Alert - Reminder

Remember, trails are typically closed 48-72 hours after a rain. For trail closure  information or 310-544-5260. Please do not ride muddy trails.




CORBA PV Outreach Booth at Del Cerro Park
Sunday July 3rd

Thank you Kali Protectives


 The Concerned Off Road Bicyclist Association is a non-profit volunteer based organization dedicated to promoting sustainable trail access for mountain bicyclists, and to maintaining the trails on which mountain bikerís ride. CORBA supports the conservation of open spaces and is committed to educating mountain bicyclists to ride sensitively and responsibly in order to protect the natural environment and the experience of other trail users.


Let Them Know

Rancho Palos Verdes City Council
Rancho Palos Verdes Parks & Recreation  Dept

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy
Cory Linder
Andrea Vona

As members of the trail community in Rancho Palos Verdes we need to express our views.  If you have a compliment, suggestion, or complaint send an email directly to one or all of the addresses above. We suggest you be respectful and concise. Please cc: CORBA PV If you wish to remain anonymous send your letter to  us. Your letters will be directed to the appropriate parties.

The city also conducts a quarterly Preserve Public Forum. You are invited to attend and see what subjects are being discussed pertaining to our trails. It gives you an opportunity to express your views in person. For more information email CORBA PV


CORBA PV trail work volunteers  February 27

Great turnout for the Rancho Palos Verdes Parks & Recreation trail workday. Fifteen CORBA PV Trail Crew members volunteered to realign portions of Toyon trail and plant native plants along trail margins. Cory Linder from RPV P&R was there to direct our efforts and help muscle big rocks into place. It's amazing how much fun trail work can be. Thank you all so much!








Trail Etiquette
Revised 2013

Yield To All Others

Stop for horses. Everyone move to the downhill side of the trail.
Horses are easily frightened, so ask the rider what to do!
Don't make noise from behind a horse. Wait to restart.
Slow or stop for hikers. Ask if it's okay to pass.

Stay On Trails Designated For Bikes

  Trails open to bikes are clearly posted.
  Not all trails are open to bikes. Violators may be cited.
  If there is no sign, the trail is closed to all users.

Obey All Reserve Rules

  You are responsible for knowing preserve regulations.
  Encourage other cyclists to ride responsibly and obey the rules.
  Remember, all cyclists will be judged by your actions!
  Rangers have full enforcement authority. 

Never Make New Trails Or Modify Trails

Ride only on approved trails.
This is a nature reserve, uphold our obligation to protect it.
Destruction of habitat will not be tolerated.

Passing Others

Never speed past anyone - not even on wide fire roads.
If you can't see far ahead, slow down, anticipate.
Ring your bell well before approaching hikers.
Horses respond better to voices. Ask permission to pass.
Make the trail experience enjoyable for everyone.

Leave No Trace

Never ride muddy trails - Rules for riding after a rain
Pick up trash, yours and othersí.

We Set The Example

Earn the right to ride here.
Use friendly communication to promote good will. 
Volunteer for trail work. Help maintain the trails we ride.